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Custom Fashions

Custom Fashions
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Cabernet Critic - reproduction variation of Fashion Editor

Here's the DolleyLlama Designs Page.  Your dolls are going to definatly want to put this page in their FAVORITES!  By bringing these services as well as custom fashions to your dolls it will make your life easier.  No more nagging Ponytails with lash rubs, over played with hair doos, stained calves, chipped nail polish, kissed off lipstick or time grime.  Sorry no rerooting, but contact me for some awsome referrals!

I aim to  try to make it as simple as possible for you and your dolls to work with me. By developing a strong relationship with each doll, I hope that they will contact me for any needs that arise!

Services we offer may include:

* Lash Ridge Touchups For Vintage Barbies

* Brow Touchups For Vintage Barbies

* Lipstick and Nail Touchups For Vintage Barbies

* Referrals For Hair repair, partials or reroots for fashion dolls
* And my latest and favorite part yet....custom fashions for the 11.5 and 12 inch fashion dolls! 

Vintage Reproduction Color Variation

Variation Reproduction of Lunch On The Terrace

Vintage Repro variation of PAK items

*New Hampshire*
*USA *