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Custom Fashions
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Here we have the product lines that I have to offer.   Requests for custom pieces are always welcome.  Always searching for new ideas. 
Once again....stay tuned for updates!!!

A favorite example of my "Serpantine Loveseat"

Here are some examples of products I can offer:

* Ottomans
* Loveseats

* Vanities
*Coffee and End Tables
*Fireplaces and Mantles (still in the design stage)

I can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Contact me with your needs and I can work with you on the custom pie
ces.  All products are scaled for 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls.

JUST RECENTLY, I have become iterested in making jewelry...human sized jewelry..LOL  I just know that in no time at all, that hobby will also make it's way over to my love of fashion dolls!  Although I hate to see you stray from doll related purchases, I may have a page here for YOU too!!!  


*DolleyLlama* New Hampshire* USA *